When we thought about the design of Mitù we thought especially of our suppliers, companies that we did not have in mind yet, but we knew the characteristics that they should have. Quality and respect for the environment.

Having at the disposal of the raw material of the highest level, we would have almost reached the goal that we had proposed, an excellent restaurant, then we had only to translate it into the plate.



For meat and cured meats we have chosen the Fontetto farm in Emilia Romagna ( in the green valleys of Val Marecchia. At Fattoria Fontetto, preserving the rural culture of the territory means above all defending values, tradition and good practices. With a view to sustainable farming that respects the environment and animals, when the "zero kilometer" was not yet a trend, but a need. A philosophy of life, precious as taken for granted.

The two Chiari brothers began their activity in the late '70s, and today, for them, still means respect for the environment that surrounds us, exploiting the territory in an extensive, non-intensive way, to worry about the welfare of the animal, safeguarding all the biological phases of his life. The cattle live in a completely natural context, without chains and free to move, the land owned, over 400 hectares, are grown without water and pesticides, strictly in a biological and sustainable.

The shelters are in the open air: exploiting the bactericidal action of the sun's rays,

the company is certified organic, the only Italian company to have breeding, slaughter, laboratory and marketing subject to the PGI Consortium "Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale".



All our pasta and lasagne come from the IRIS Agricultural Cooperative, founded in 1978 by a group of young people who believed in cooperation and the "organic farming" method of cultivation as a means for a sustainable project respecting nature and man. Iris Organic Pasta is made with certified organic flours, all genuine and controlled step by step by Iris agricultural technicians to guarantee its customers a high quality product.



In our restaurant there are no different types of oil, one more expensive and one less quality, as if to define something more important and something less important, no we have only one oil, for the whole restaurant, one of the best on the market. If an oil is good, all the cooking is good, the oil is at the base of everything. In the oil Geraci, the quality begins in the field, to the tree, with the harvest of the olives made by hand and in advance to have only green and healthy drupes, which produce less oil, but of the highest quality, rich in polyphenols and with very low levels of acidity and peroxides. The pressing of olives is immediate, in the Geraci crusher: cutting-edge technology with continuous cold-cycle extraction and storage of oil in steel silos placed under nitrogen during natural decantation. Finally, the Geraci oil is rich in intense aromas of freshly mown grass, tomato, artichoke, almond and a slight spicy..All always respecting the environment and according to the rules of organic farming.